For you Brady

I have a friend whose son died this past fall.  For Christmas they have asked people to give Brady a gift.  This gift is to be an act of service.  Any kind of service for anyone.  This service we are to dedicate to Brady and write about.  Tonight at his grave they are gathering to read all the acts of service that have been done on his behalf.

Now I never knew Brady and I really don’t even know my friend all that well.  But seeking service to dedicate to Brady has really brought the real meaning of Christmas into my heart this season: Jesus Christ.  The spirit that Christ brings into my life is more magical, changing, and lasting than any tangible object, vacation or good time.

I offer an invitation to all to seek service and dedicate it to someone.  Not just for Christmas but anytime.  Please feel free to keep your story to yourself or to share it to me.  I would love to feel your experience.

Merry Christmas Brady!

Son - Click Image to Close

Nativity photo by Mark Mabry


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I am an ordianry girl living an ordinary life and learning to love it. This blog is part of my personal process of discovering myself, who I have always been, the divine in me. It is part of my commitment to returning. View all posts by nicolemd

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