Making things better…

This week has been a big lesson on making things better for other people.
Sometimes I am not in a position to help. Sometimes I am but I shouldn’t. Sometimes others will not let me help. Sometimes I just do not know how. What I do know is that I want to make things better. Sometimes I think the worst suffering is watching someone you love suffer.

You’re getting sadder, getting sadder, getting sadder, getting sadder
And I don’t understand, and I don’t understand
But if I kiss you where it’s sore
If I kiss you where it’s sore
Will you feel better
Will you feel anything at all…

It makes me frustrated. I know that sometimes I get in the mood where I refuse to feel better. I hate it when others are that way. JUST LET ME KISS YOU WHERE IT IS SORE (thank you Regina)!!!! IT MIGHT NOT MAKE THINGS CHANGE OR GO AWAY BUT I PROMISE YOU WILL FEEL BETTER!

Let me love you out of your sadness. At least for a time. Or let me listen to your sorrow with you. I am really good at sitting and snuggling. I have all this love inside me and it can be put to good use.

I know that there are many many things that only God can satisfy. If you cannot let me in please let HIM in. I promise He will take care of you. In fact He will do a way better job than I ever could. After all, He is your Father.


About nicolemd

I am an ordianry girl living an ordinary life and learning to love it. This blog is part of my personal process of discovering myself, who I have always been, the divine in me. It is part of my commitment to returning. View all posts by nicolemd

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