Laughing Matters

About a week ago I was having a really hard time. Well I still am having a hard time but on this particular night I was at a breaking point. I decided to call my mother and cry to her. I never cry to my mother so you know it was bad. I find her name in my phone and press send. She answers and I immediately reply “hi mom” in the most depressing drawn-out greeting ever to exit my mouth. As I was doing such it registered in my brain that the voice on the other end did not sound like my mother. I look down at my phone and in horror realize I had called my landlord and not my mom! AHHHH! In my immediate shock and embarrassment I hang up. I breathe for two seconds and proceed to call my REAL mother. I tell her what just happened and we laugh, laugh, and laugh! Even though my situation in life did not change and I embarrassed myself in an AMAZING way, my laughter had brought me away from my breaking point.

Laughing Matters


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I am an ordianry girl living an ordinary life and learning to love it. This blog is part of my personal process of discovering myself, who I have always been, the divine in me. It is part of my commitment to returning. View all posts by nicolemd

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