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We work on art and we are the Great Creator’s work of art.

Nelson Mandela has remarked that we do no one any favors “hiding our light” and pretending to be “smaller that we are.” And yet, calling it modesty, we often try and play small and even stay small.

When the creative power moving through us asks us to expand, we would rather contract, calling it more comfortable–it isn’t really. We are spiritual beings, and when our spirit grows larger, so must we. There will be no comfortable resting in yesterday’s definition of ourselves.

It is spiritual law that as the Great Creator is always exploring, experiencing, and expanding through its creations, we must cooperate or feel the pinch of spiritual dis-ease. We can try to play small, but if the universe has big plans for us, we are better off cooperating than resisting. Creativity is God’s true nature and our own. As we surrender to becoming as large as we are meant to be, great events can come to pass for us and countless others. In a sense, the size the Great Creator makes of us is non of our business.

We work on art and we are the Great Creator’s work of art.

Perhaps we shouldn’t meddle.

Julia Cameron


Making things better…

This week has been a big lesson on making things better for other people.
Sometimes I am not in a position to help. Sometimes I am but I shouldn’t. Sometimes others will not let me help. Sometimes I just do not know how. What I do know is that I want to make things better. Sometimes I think the worst suffering is watching someone you love suffer.

You’re getting sadder, getting sadder, getting sadder, getting sadder
And I don’t understand, and I don’t understand
But if I kiss you where it’s sore
If I kiss you where it’s sore
Will you feel better
Will you feel anything at all…

It makes me frustrated. I know that sometimes I get in the mood where I refuse to feel better. I hate it when others are that way. JUST LET ME KISS YOU WHERE IT IS SORE (thank you Regina)!!!! IT MIGHT NOT MAKE THINGS CHANGE OR GO AWAY BUT I PROMISE YOU WILL FEEL BETTER!

Let me love you out of your sadness. At least for a time. Or let me listen to your sorrow with you. I am really good at sitting and snuggling. I have all this love inside me and it can be put to good use.

I know that there are many many things that only God can satisfy. If you cannot let me in please let HIM in. I promise He will take care of you. In fact He will do a way better job than I ever could. After all, He is your Father.

She Will Live In Your Bounty


Believe that she matters!
And Believe that she always will!
She will always be with you!
She’ll be part of the days you’ve yet to fill!
She will live in your bounty!
She will live as you carry on your life!
So carry on, Full of Hope, She’ll be there,
For all your Days of Plenty

A few of my songbirds…

When we express our creativity, we are a conduit for the Great Creator to explore, express, and expand its divine nature and our own. We are like songbirds. When one of us gives voice to our true nature, it is contagious and others soon give tongue as well. There is an infallibility to the law that as we each seek to express what we are longing to say, there is always someone or something that is longing to hear precisely what we have expressed. We do not live or create in isolation. Each of us is part of a greater whole and, as we agree to express ourselves, we agree to express the larger Self that moves through us all. -Julia Cameron

There are people in my life that always have a way of expressing what I need to hear: Stephanie Halverson, Brandy, Brock and Erika.

Stephanie through her music and powerful words and spirit. Brandy with her art and endless creations. You can see some of her things at Brock with his dedication to his craft and with everything he is. Erika with her clothing, creations, and inspiring ideas.

Thank you for being my songbirds.

Who will love me for me?


love in ACTION

Make you home life better.  For 2 weeks make a special effort to strengthen your relationship with a family member by showing love through your actions.  Refrain from judging, criticizing, or speaking unkindly, and watch for positive qualities in that family member.  Write notes of encouragement, pray for this family member, find ways to be helpful, and verbally express your love.

Wow!  Can I just tell you how happy life is when you really practice loving someone?  SOOO HAPPY!  This was a great way for me to stop thinking about me all the time.  My problems didn’t seems so big when my focus was on loving another person.  I discovered that when you ACT like you love someone other than just loving alone the world changes.  It becomes a better place.  Somehow patience comes easier.  Forgiveness comes more quickly.  And a little piece of my heart is set free.


What are some of the divine qualities of a daughter of God? Read “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” (see page 101); 2 Peter 1; Alma 7:23–24; and Doctrine and Covenants 121:45. In your own words, list the divine qualities discussed in your reading. Think about how you can discover and develop each of these qualities. Record your ideas in your journal.

Charity, Faith, Virtue, Humble, Submissive, Gentle, Patient, Long Suffering, Temperate, diligent, Grateful, Abounding in good works, Knowledge, Godliness, Brotherly Kindness