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I am not five anymore…

Today I was at a meeting and the speaker told a story about his son. His son pulled some stupid stunt and injured himself. When his mother asked him why he did this re replied, “you didn’t tell me not to…” That happened 14 years ago. His son is not five anymore. The speaker related this story and then looked at all of us in the audience and said, “You are not five anymore.”

We are not five anymore. We know what is right and we know what is wrong.

I am reminded of another story of a little girl who fell out of her bed because she was sleeping on the edge. We cannot fall out of the bed. We can not allow ourselves to play on the edge. It is easier to avoid temptations and situations than it is to resist them. Wow I just got preachy. Take it or leave it. Ps. You know how I am so I guess it should go more like you can take me or leave me….


Careful what you pray for (But pray for it anyway)!

So I was praying that God would help me live with more integrity.  What happened?  I was pulled over for speeding.